It's always an update really...

2010-09-12 07:57:23 by Benjamoose

Howdy folks!

Sorry for the western theme opening there, but screw it, it's Sunday. As the title states, with me, these blogs, as with any blog post, is just a brief update, and a summary of what I have been up to:

So among the chaos that is my life, I have found myself back on my old Newgrounds page. Granted I still check it and use the account, but until I started getting small forms of voice acting work, the page remained redundant somewhat, so I stopped maintaining it.

Now however, I get this feeling I need to make it look pretty for all the newcomers, snoopin' around (can't have them seeing all these overgrown hedges and broken pathways now can we?).

So this is me. In a nutshell; I'm friendly and I voice act, it's what I love, and both are what make me, me.

My most current work of any kind, would be playing Mark in the Eddsworld episode: 'Hammer & Fail', which should soon be in my submissions due to tagging and whatnot. As with any animation work what-so-ever, it was a lot of fun to record, and always brilliant to see all the pieces come together afterward. I look forward to what Edd and the gang have planned for Xmas!

Anywho, I wont ramble much more for now, thanks for stoppin' by, and thanks for reading through. I will be updating my voice reels, and hope to write here again soon!


P.S. If for any reason I cannot be contacted for voice work here, I can be reached at:

It's always an update really...


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2010-11-10 18:37:28

awesome job. your quite the voicing thesbian